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Spark Plasma Sintering

Cuspress introduces Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS), a revolutionary high speed powder consolidation process. SPS utilizes high amperage pulsed DC current to activate the consolidation and reaction-sintering of materials. An SPS system processes conductive, non-conductive and composite materials to any level of density. The clear benefit of SPS is the significant savings of time and energy and the ability to retain nanostructures. This technology is designed to developed various new advanced materials:

  • Ceramics
  • Metals
  • Nanostructures
  • Composite Materials
  • Gradient Materials

Customized Equipment

You can rely on us to customize your SPS facility that fits best to your requirement. From small lab size to large manufacturing scale, we can offer various models with totally customized chamber size, power output, compression loading, etc.  Most important, our technical team is on call 24/7, offering immediate consulting, maintenance, and repair service. 



  • working temperature up to 2400°C
  • vacuum: 5×10-3mbar
  • furnace gas: Ar / N2 (and others, on request)
  • servo hydraulic force control
  • precise, rigid frame with low deformation, accurate guiding of the pressing dies measuring of densificatio path
  • double-walled water-cooled stainless steel vacuum vessel with a leak rate of up to 1×10-3 mbar l/s
  • easy accessibility
  • temperature measurement and control can be chosen between axial/radial pyrometer or flexibl thermocouples
  • freely programmable sintering parameters for up to 50 segments per recipe
  • freely programmamable pulse on/off (1...255 ms) for each segment individually
  • heating rate up to 1000 K/min
  • extensive software for data recording and evaluation of all sintering parameters
  • user friendly online process management system


Full density and controlled porosity                      Pre-forming and binders NOT necessary

Retains nanometric particle structure                   Low operating costs

Fast cycle times                                                          Powder-to-part net and near-net shapes

Minimal grain growth                                               Ease of use

SPS Service

Mold Design and Fabrication

Due to unique heating mechanism of SPS, there exist both temperature and pressure gradient over pressed material, which makes it challenging to achieve uniform part, especially for those of complex geometry. It is well known that all these gradient could be effectively controlled through proper mold design. Powered by advanced FEA techniques, our engineer could simulate the whole SPS processing through computer modeling, and design the most suitable mold just for your application. Meanwhile, our engineer can help you select right mold material (e.g., graphite, WC, etc.) and make it for you in short leading time.

SPS Consulting

With our materials consultants, you can have a SPS specialist working in your team from the very beginning. Your process design, necessary characteristics of the material, economic considerations and availability, scale up capability are all important parameters for your project. We will work with your through each steps to achieve your goals. This information from our experienced consultants optimize your production and reduces development costs.

Material Development

Before investing in advanced SPS facility, you can rely on us to prepare SPS samples to make final decision. Our R&D team are proven expert, and can help you in material selection, mold design, processing parameters, etc. Just tell you requirement. We can help you make various advanced material including nanocomposites, alloys, ceramics, gradient material, etc.

Material Sourcing

As expert in SPS technology, we know raw material is essential to quality of final parts, and help you source the material around the world. We have large inventory of raw material, including nanomaterials, alloys, ceramics, graphene, carbon nanotube, diamonds, etc. Meanwhile, our consultant team can help in material selection free of charge. Click here to our material online store.