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Spherical graphite

With high-quality natural flake graphite as raw material and unique shaping/classification technology, we can narrow product particle-size distribution and improve paging, and further ensure stability, uniformity, consistency of product through advanced screening and mixing technology. After processing, our finaly product has excellent crystallization, high circular degree, and high stability,  resulting in first discharge capacity of more than 360mAh/g and more than 86% of charge discharge efficiency-an ideal cathode material for a new generation of lithium ion secondary battery.

Customized Product

Customization and quick delivery are core value of our company. No matter it is large scale order from your supply chain or small amount purchase from you R&D, our team will always be around, providing the most suitable product and best solution to your unique requirement. We have our own graphite mine in china, in house R&D team, and manufacturing facility. You can always rely on us to get best service and most competitive price.

Srandard Product

So far, our annual production capacity is  7000~~10000 tons for spherical graphite. Our ball equipment configuration and layout was built based on design from top universities and advice from our customers, therefore can effectively improve the finished product rate, produce various particle size of high difficulty, and increase tap density.