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Production Introduction

This small table-top laboratory using mixer can be installed in different sizes of the vessel(2L~8L).It's convenient to remove and clean up the whole vessel and blades,prevent cross-contamination materials and meet your multiple small batch mixing experiment tasks.

This kind of mixer has special antler shaped blades and the speed of the blades is 1.5 times as the vessel.During the material up and down or convection in the vessel,high evenness of mixing task can be completed because of the bidirectional shear and toggle of the antler shaped blades .
This is a speed (2~35r/min) of the double movement of energy efficient mixing machine and it can meet your a variety of hybrid experience
Model T
Antlers Blade

Production Advantage

The out-form  dimensions are 540*300*390 mm. So you can put it on the laboratory desk and it can be handled easily.
One Machine Multiple Containers 
One machine can be used as multiple machines. Different volume containers (3L-18L)can be installed whenever needed.
High Loading Ratio:
Because blades take major role in machine working, double movement mixer's loading ratio can reach 80% of barrel, which is almost equivalent to two 3D mixers of similar size.
Ideal Mixing Effect:
100% no dead corner. Due to the barrel revolving, the machine can mix more evenly in general points. While blades stirring, the machine can mix more meticulously and completely in detail points.
The mixing way of our double movement mixer is two mixing ways superposed together. Compared with 3D mixer, it save 60% time to meet mixing standard.
Compared with traditional mixer, it save time above 50%, save electricity about 70%, save space about 50%, money saving about 30%.
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