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Customized Materials

We understand that customers always have particular demand on materials which can not be satisfied by standard product available in market, especially for R&D related projects. However, developing new material in house is always risky and costly. Now you can rely on us. With R&D center in US and manufacturing facility in china, we track and develop the most advanced technology in material science and engineering, and industrialize them into commodity for your application. Per your request, we not only develop your customized material, but also offer you in industrial scale and cost.

R&D Capacity

In house R&D team and strong collaboration with Universities and International Labs.

Market Expert

20 years of trading and sourcing experience in global raw material market

High quality

Strict QA/AC control and third party certification.


Designed in US, and manufactured in Asian countries.

metal powder-edit

Customized Metal Powder

We understand no project is same, and that why you can rely on us to get full customization on particle size, formulation, surface treatment of special alloy powders. Our material engineer team have expertise and equipment  in research, development, and large scale manufacture. 

Customized Alloy

Based on your requirement, we develop and manufacture alloy with fully customized formulation, microstructure and property. In addition, our machine shop and consulting team can directly help you design, build, and test your prototype with these new alloys.

Special Alloy
Nano Material

Customized Metal Composite

Metal composite enhanced with ceramic, diamond, carbon filber/tube has dramatically improved mechanical, chemical and physical properties. You can rely on our material engineering team to develop and manufacture metal composite that satisfy your SOR.

Tungsten Carbide

Performance of WC material is strongly dependent on its microstructure and processing techniques. We have the expertize to select and develop the right material most suitable for your application, and you can also rely on our design and manufacturing team to make your WC parts.

WC Materials

Polycrystalline Diamond

Polycrystalline diamond (PDC) is superior to natural diamond  due to its cost effectiveness, isotropic characteristics and high wear resistance. You can get customization service from us to make PDC parts of desirable property and geometry.

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