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Graphite Packing Ring

Graphite Packings are intended to offer high temperature capability, good chemical resistance and markedly reduced spindle wear.  By selecting or combining the many versions of Graphite Packings available - we are able to offer a versatile range of Graphite Packings with varied handling and performance characteristics. These include high conformability, resistance to extrusion, chemical purity, temperature and oxidation resistance amongst others.

Customized Product

Customization and quick delivery are core value of our company. No matter it is large scale order from your supply chain or small amount purchase from you R&D, our team will always be around, providing the most suitable product and best solution to your unique requirement. We have our own graphite mine in china, in house R&D team, and manufacturing facility. You can always rely on us to get best service and most competitive price.

Specification: Thickness T=4-12 mm

                      Outer diameter D=10-500mm

                      Inner Diameter D1=4-450mm

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