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Graphite Foil Products

Flexible graphite foil, manufactured from natural graphite, is a homogeneous material without adhesives or binders. The material properties are stable for the long term, and It retains its sealing effect when the surface pressure reduces during operation - a major advantage over other materials. Inhibitors can be added to enhance oxidation or corrosion resistance of the flexible graphite. We offers an extensive product portfolio of unreinforced, sheet metal reinforced and impregnated graphite sheets. We offer bonded as well as adhesive and binder free configurations. Our sheets show very good residual stress values and conformability to flange irregularities, besides having an excellent chemical and thermal resistance. Special impregnation improves the sheets with greater strength and gas tightness and provides exceptionally scratch-resistant, non-stick properties

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Customized Product

Customization and quick delivery are core value of our company. No matter it is large scale order from your supply chain or small amount purchase from you R&D, our team will always be around, providing the most suitable product and best solution to your unique requirement. We have our own graphite mine in china, in house R&D team, and manufacturing facility. You can always rely on us to get best service and most competitive price.

Standard Product


Graphite Sheet: The flexible graphite is cut into the shape of belt which can be used to make graphite sealing components or graphite woven packing, etc.

Graphite crape sheet: The graphite sheet is rolled into the shape with scrapes and then cut into belt; it can be used in the sealing of thread and flange.

Graphite back tape: The graphite sheet is made with the taping, after the ribbon cutting. Mainly it is used for thread and flange sealing.

Graphite gum wrinkle zones: The graphite sheet with the tape rolling after paste made of corrugated ribbon cutting. Mainly it used for thread and flange sealing.

Main Specification: Thickness 0.2-0.7 mm, width 5-100mm, length 25-50m.

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   Specification of normal graphite sheet

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    Specification of low sulfur graphite sheet

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Metal Reinforced Graphite Sheet

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