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Failure Analysis

We specialize in quantifying how materials and products fail, including mechanical integrity of equipment that has deteriorated due to corrosion, fatigue, damage, exposure to fire, abuse, and improper manufacture. Our tools include knowledge of materials, metallurgy, fabrication practices and codes and standards. Our investigations range from simple engineering analysis, to more complex analysis involving Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which is used to evaluate design, materials and fabrication/ construction defects.

  • Metals, Rubber, Plastic, and Composite
  • Microstructure Analysis
  • Chemical Testing of Materials
  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Mechanical Test
  • Environmental and Durability Testing


we provides expert witness services, litigation support, and forensic engineering investigations to legal, insurance, and industrial firms. From simple to complex, we investigate product liability issues, determining the root cause of accidents, structural failures, and fire/explosions.


Testing Equipment

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