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Expandable Graphite

Also known as “intumescent flake graphite,” expandable graphite is a synthesized intercalation compound of graphite that expands or exfoliates when heated. If exposed to a rapid increase in temperature, these intercalation compounds decompose into gaseous products, which results in high inter-graphene layer pressure. This pressure develops enough force to push apart graphite basal planes in the “c” axis direction.  Cuspress’s expandable graphite is used as a fire suppressant intumescent additive, as a raw material to manufacture graphite gasket products, as an electrically conductive filler, as a foundry additive, and in a wide variety of other industrial applications.

Customized Product

Customization and quick delivery are core value of our company. No matter it is large scale order from your supply chain or small amount purchase from you R&D, our team will always be around, providing the most suitable product and best solution to your unique requirement. We have our own graphite mine in china, in house R&D team, and manufacturing facility. You can always rely on us to get best service and most competitive price.

Standard Product

 Main index of normal expandable graphite

table e1

 Low-sulphur expandable graphite: surphur content ≤ 2.5%, and  ≤ 0.1%  after expansion 

expandable table2