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Equipment Distribution & Service

As expert in material development, we have deep understand in processing and testing equipment. We work with prestigious equipment manufacturer around work, providing with customized and high quality equipment at low cost.

You can rely on our customer service team for technical support, equipment installation, operation training, repair and maintenance, accessories, etc. Most important, we offer 24 hr HOT Line for technical support.

Customized Mold

Mold is one of most important tool in material fabrication, especially for those of complex geometry or need processing at extreme conditions (i.e., high pressure, high temperature, hostile atmosphere). With strong expertise in material engineering and computer simulation, we design and fabricate the best mold that fit your specific application. Send me your drawing, we will make it for you!

Sintering Equipment

Sintering is important process to obtain high quality metal, ceramic, or composite material, requiring well controlled temperature, atmosphere, pressure, and even heating mechanism.  Recent progress in material science especially nanotechnology demands even special sintering equipment.  As material expert, we understand importance of reliable equipment, and thus providing you with best product with low cost. Meanwhile, our customer service team will provide immediate technical support, maintenance, and repair service, so that you can focus on your R&D or manufacturing


Spark Plasma Sintering

Microwave Furnace

Microwave Furnace


Induction Furnace

Muffle Furnace

Mufflen Furnace

Tube Furnace

Tube Furnace


Vacuum Furnace

suspension melting furnace

Suspension Furnace

hot press

Hot Press


Material Processing Equipment

As expert in material engineering, we will help you to select the most suitable tools and equipment for you to process your materials.

V Blender

V blender

accoustic mixer

Acoustic Mixer

ball mill3

Ball Mill

Hydrolic Press

Hydraulic Press

Material Testing Equipment

Reliable testing equipment is the crucial for material development, thus we bring you the most advanced technology and help you maintain them.

Hardness Tester

Hardness Tester

Optical Microscope

Optical Microscope


Pressure Vessle

Customized Design
Short Lead Time
Turn-Key Installation
24/7 Tech Support
Maintenance Fast Repair
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