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Crankshaft Expert

Cuspress proudly offers some of the finest crankshafts in the world. We guarantee high quality, proven expertise, and first-class customer service.

Prototyping and Customization

We own in-house R&D team, and some of the most sophisticated machining equipment, heat-treatment furnace, surface treatment equipment, as well as testing facility in the world. You can rely on us for prototyping and contracted manufacturing.


We own some of the most sophisticated machining equipment in the world, including first-class laser cutting machine, robot welding equipment, CNC bending machine, CNC CNC machining center.

Heat Treatment

Upgraded and modernized furnaces have continued our adherence to quality and increased capacity. Multiple vertical and horizontal car furnaces provide the company ample capacity for achieving product properties.

Surface Treatment

Utilization of various techniques to surface harden the crankshafts based on product application and customer specification, including Roller Burnishing, Fillet Peening, Induction Hardening, Gas Nitriding, Ion Nitriding, Brush Plating.

Quality Control

Through strick testing procedures, including strength test, wear test, balance test, and fatigue test, we produces some of the finest crankshafts in the world.

Prototyping & Contracted Manufacturing

Prototype crankshafts are routinely produced by our skilled engineering, programming, and manufacturing teams. Customer-driven modifications to any project can quickly be taken from print to product. we can easily handle unconventional designs and sizes. Our vast production facility is based in Asian, offering large scale manufacturing service for your design with high quality and low cost.

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