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Colloidal Graphite

The colloidal graphite consists of extremely fine flakes of graphite suspended in water, alcohol, petroleum oil, castor oil, glycerin, or other liquids. The colloidal graphite powder has excellent lubricity, high conductivity, high adsorption and catalytic properties, high plasticity. used as an electric brush, rubber, plastic filler, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding, anti-corrosion coatings, high temperature resistance, lubricant base material, powder metallurgy carbon materials, wireless electronic industrial carbon membrane resistance materials, electrical contact alloy, high metal alloy material and lead-acid batteries, lithium battery positive and negative pole conductive agent, nickel metal hydride nickel cadmium batteries light-sensitive cells.

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Customization and quick delivery are core value of our company. No matter it is large scale order from your supply chain or small amount purchase from you R&D, our team will always be around, providing the most suitable product and best solution to your unique requirement. We have our own graphite mine in china, in house R&D team, and manufacturing facility. You can always rely on us to get best service and most competitive price.

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