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About Us

Cuspress is not just any distributor, we are your go-to expert in raw material and material processing equipments. We have our own in-house R&D and testing facility, offering consulting and product development service. During past 20 years, we have built a large network combining top Asian manufacturing plants specialized in mining, raw materials and equipments, offering first-class quality product at lowest price possible in north American. Our competitive edge is our expert knowledge in products and high standard in quality control. You can always rely on us to source your product and find solution from us.

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Our Team

We have a strong engineering team with PhD engineers of diverse background, including material science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering, etc. They all have high tracking record of industrial experience in material development and testing, mechanical design and equipment fabrication. Our supply chain team has over 20 years sourcing and procurement experience in raw material and equipments from Asian countries. You can rely on us to overcome the cultural and logistical complexities that seem to vex you, and access best supplier and contracted manufacturer according to your specific needs. Besides, with a team of field experts deployed in main manufacturing bases, we audit your supplier and do product quality inspection locally to guarantee you quality you get from us. Mostly importantly, we provide 27/7 hotline for technical support, and our post-service team will arrive in timely manner to keep you equip running.

Code of conduct:

Cuspress promotes and actively seeks Integrity and Ethics in all aspects of its activities. We expects our employees, contractors and subcontractors, suppliers and clients to comply with all applicable laws and regulations on corruption, bribery, prohibited business practices and extortion. Any violation to our code of ethics is prohibited. All our employees take periodically training through committees to asses and evaluate the risk of ethics violations.